About Me

Hi, this is Mewtwo2000, Smash Bros Brawl hacker. I'm 28 years old and I'm from Spain. I'm studying telecommunications engineering in Valencia, I'm supposed to finish this year.

I have a girlfriend, she's the one who made this blog. We are couple since almost 6 years ago.

I like computers, videogames, and sleeping (xD), also, I have been making 3D thingies since I was a child. I liked to make 3D scenes with a very simple program I had (Renderize Live EZ). Also, I've hacked every pokemon game since they appeared in here. I first played pokemon yellow in one of the first emulators. I played pokemon gold when it was only in japan, and learned many stuffs with the no$gmb gameboy emulator. Also, I learned to manually create pokemon for advance games (I still can make it), hacked N64 pokemon stadium savegames and many other related stuff.

Also, I have been playing Smash Bros since it came out in here, for the N64. I had previously played Mario 64, Starfox 64, Zelda 64 and I liked that game so much. Then Melee came. And everyone in my neighborhood played too. We stopped playing for a while, but the fever came again. Now my friends are not much of playing Melee or Brawl, but they sometimes still play with me.

One day, wii hacking became possible. Twilight hack, first homebrews... And one day I saw how people was starting to hack brawl with ASH. I liked the idea very much, as the original characters in brawl were so similar between them, and the idea of having shadow the hedgehog and other amazing textures in my game was awesome.

So, I started downloading characters, and including them to my copy of the game. Had to make a new iso for every add I made, so I was adding them in a slow way. Also, I was only changing some of them. There were not many files in the net anyway. I edited some characters myself too, and started making the CSPs for them with CUPASH. I even used STASH to place one of my friends' face over the moon in Luigi's Mansion.

One day I saw something that was going to be amazing, a stage expansion system Dantarion was preparing. Some SSE stages were now playable and I needed having such an amazing system. Also, I saw some background swaps in smashboards, but some of them were not there for download. So I decided downloading brawlbox to try to make stages myself. It was really easy and I succeeded. I made some background swaps with no problem. I continued making my ports and swaps, and even opened a thread in smashboards for showcasing my stages.

By that time, I saw a city texture in stacksmash for the custom stages, and a custom fourside. I thought that I could remake it so it was possible to have it not as a stage builder stage, but a normal stage. So I got the stage builder block model from the stage file, and I started my Fourside. And I have been making many stages since then, as shown in this blog.

Thanks for reading :P