Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mewtwo's Battle Stadium

Hi. I'm posting here cause KC-MM is broken for the moment and posts cannot be seen. This is my own blog, which I've nearly never used. Well, I've released the Mewtwo stage in Pokemon Stadium (finally). I was supposed to make some alternate versions, with floating platforms, with an animated Mewtwo and stuff. But I'm not having much time lately, and I'm not gonna hold the stage forever. So, after fixing the sky to look the way I wanted it to look, here's the stage:

As an extra, I've made a results screen from this. So, if you don't like this flat stage, you can always use it as one of your results screens (remember you can use many of them with the ASL code/tool). The results screen ones come in different languages, and they're compatible with PAL games. The stage itself should be compatible with PAL games too. At least when used as Final Destination.

The vault entry says it's over Pokemon Stadium 2. That's right, it's just an extra, so you may place it over Pokemon Stadium 2 with no rels. Anyway, you can use it as a Final Destination too, and use it over any other stage with just a FD based rel file.

Well, these are the vault links:


Next Temple of Time. For real.

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  1. Nice job. I like flat stages so i really like this. The Results version is deffinatly going in my Brawl.

    And nice job on Mewtwo.